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IT Capital logo    IT Capital L.L.C. is a Merchant Bank formed to invest specifically in mature middle market (up to 300mm market cap) software and technology companies.  The principals are investing in proven technology companies with high recurring revenue. The principals and partners believe that the current market environment provides an opportunity to achieve a unique risk-adjusted return that is unprecedented in the capital markets.

DSC logo    Dark Star Cloud is the only cloud computing solution specifically designed for enterprise class applications. Dark Star Cloud is built on proven robust technology with thousands of customers who cannot tolerate failure or performance limits.

robocom     Robocom is a leading supplier of supply chain execution software and services, founded in 1982, with offices in New York, Toronto, Minneapolis and Europe. Robocom's core products include industry-specific Warehouse Management Systems, a Transportation Management System, a separate Voice Picking Module and a Labor Management System. We enhance, implement and support robust, flexible, and efficient software that performs as predicted and yields the positive business results your enterprise demands.

Select    Select Business Solutions is a leading international software company with customers drawn from the Global 1000. Select provides comprehensive solutions consisting of tools and services for information access and enterprise reporting, as well as business critical IT software development, deployment and management.

Revere    Established in 1981, Revere has nearly 30 years of experience with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage planning and management software implementations worldwide.

itCONSULTmp logo   As the e-marketplace for the consulting industry, itCONSULTmp will eliminate the inherent inefficiencies and wasted management focus currently generated by administration of business processes that produce little or no value for a firm’s clients.

BIG logo    BIG is a private investment firm focused on acquiring software companies.  BIG works closely with shareholders of software companies to understand their liquidity needs and provide flexible capital to meet their requirements.

ROI logo    Resource One, Incorporated is a software development and consulting firm specializing in fully automated business intelligence systems for performance measurement and incentive compensation. The company has been providing software and consulting services to its customers since 1983.

SPC logo    SPC Holdings is a research and development organisation, dedicated to modelling, managing and executing large complex network dynamics in vertical business markets through our Integrated Resource Platform (IRP®).

bTrade    bTrade is an established eCommerce leader in delivering B2B infrastructure solutions on multiple Platforms. They provide secure data communications management for connecting trading partner communities, value chains and diverse endpoints.  bTrade accomplishes this through a family of solidly built products and services that enable companies to rapidly connect and manage communities of suppliers, partners, and customers.

profit path logo  Profit Path Systems provide budgeting, planning, analytic, financial consolidation, and reporting software & consulting services.

K4U logo    Knowledge4You is a Business Intelligence Solution (BI) provider.  Through years of interaction with satisfied customers in a wide variety of business sectors, Knowledge4You has demonstrated an excellent grasp of business issues which they combine with extensive technical expertise to create custom solutions that incorporate their "State of the Art" user friendly suite of Business Intelligence products.

LHP logo    A collaborative knowledge network designed specifically to provide healthcare professionals with the means to connect with one another.

MGP logo    We apply a proven scientific approach to a select group of joint ventures, accelerating revenue for each venture in $20 million to $100 million increments.

Shore Solutions  Enterprise Communications...Philippines premier global call center provider.  Creating an intensive, realistic and immersive telepresence experience on the go.

APG logo    We provide a full range of corporate and individual finance and investment banking services, including: sponsorship and underwriting support, financial advisory services, restructuring advice, mergers and acquisitions consultation, direct investments, and other fund raising services for SMEs, mature companies, as well as individuals.

westrek logo    Westrek Geotechnical Services Ltd. is an ethical and balanced company based in British Columbia that specializes in geotechnical engineering, geohazard assessment and risk management using a practical, integrated and value engineered approach. Our team is committed to providing these services in a timely and practical manner.

CRW Solutions    Provides Strategic Consulting, Business Transformation, Value Propositions

position logic    Position Logic is a premium B2B Location Based Services technology company that tracks assets in the transportation, government and utilities industries, in over 25 countries.

Bay Harbor    Bay Harbor Strategies is a fundamentally driven research and consulting organization focused on IT and IT-Enabled businesses.

Arcturus    Arcturus Technologies, Inc. is the pioneer and leader of Proactive Application Performance Management (APM) & Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM).

  cambar logo  Cambar Solutions was formed in 1981 to develop supply chain execution solutions focused on the distribution industry.  The company provides supply chain software for Web-based commerce, order management, warehouse management, and financial management applications. 

Wright logo    With a staff of business analysts, project managers, systems integrators and software engineers, Wright Business Solutions stands ready to satisfy a broad range of business and technical needs, assuring increased efficiency and profitability which will support your company into the future.

accord logo    Accord Software Inc., a developer of advanced transportation management and enterprise resource software solutions for the trucking industry.

Focus Intl logo  Focus International is “Expanding your world™” by providing smaller local and regional companies in the Flavor & Fragrance and Food Ingredient industries, the specialist resources that large companies take for granted, that give them such a competitive advantage.

insurance exchange logo    The Insurance Exchange of America is the nations largest and most advanced marketplace of matching consumers with insurance company's.

journyx logo    Journyx is a complete Timesheet solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Journyx automates payroll, billing and cost accounting while easing management of employee time and expenses, and provides confidence that all resources are utilized correctly and completely.  

Locker Companies logo    The Locker Companies was founded to provide customers with a secure online platform called “Lockers” to upload, manage, store and reconcile their important information and inventory their personal assets.

Depiction logo     Depiction, Inc. is committed to bringing expert-level technology to the everyday user. Its flagship product, Depiction, puts powerful mapping, simulation and collaboration tools in the hands of everyday people, in a package that is both easy to use and affordable.

Diamond Datamine logo    Diamond Data Mine is designed for Real Estate industry professionals and business owners to take charge of their direct marketing efforts. We not only offer the most and accurate data available direct from the counties, but we also provide the tools to allow the user to manage their data to maximize results and produce more sales. We offer unique features that you won’t find anywhere else, such as a built-in Contact & Property Manager, Map Based searching, multi-county searching, Sunbiz integration, instant label printing, and much more. This means you don't have to search through multiple sources to get the data you need. You can contact more owners in less time and this will result in more deals.

trifecta logo    Trifecta Global Infrastructure Solutions Ltd is building a world first – a suite of software solutions for infrastructure asset maintenance, using browser based Rich Internet Application tools, that actually begin to unlock the full power of the geospatial paradigm, giving you time saving tools that are easy and intuitive to use.

The Pascack Group    A permanent placement firm focused on providing professionals with Financial skills, Software & Consulting Sales Skills, Supply Chain & Operations Management Skills.


Network FOB, Inc.Providing comprehensive business to business shipping throughout the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Seven logo    Seven Advertising is a full-service creative advertising firm.  Founded in 2008, Seven specializes in implementing creative campaigns, leveraging social media, and developing guerilla, ambient,  and viral campaigns for our clients. We begin by observing consumers, and thinking like them. We focus not just on demographics and psychographics, but on their actual activities. We bring a full set of disciplines to the table in a collaborative strategic and creative process to generate questions, ideas and insights.  The goal is to (re)define how we can help the brand deliver on its promise, providing new forms of utility at the consumer’s crucial “point of need. “ We call this our human-centered process.

startup brasilIs a Brazilian Government program designed to accelerate start-up companies.          Start-UP Brasil will support IT projects that are innovative and that work for the national development.

Pivot88_Logo.pngThis interactive web based platform is a quick and easy way for you to review information, provide feedback, approvals in order to ensure your investment meets your expectations.


Bestrane homeThe Bestrane Group provides software enabled Supply Chain consulting services and enterprise based or Software as a Service enabled logistics solutions.  Bestrane combine 'real-world' and extensive operationally-based industry knowledge, expertise and consulting services with best of breed software applications to deliver a unique blend of technology enabled solutions.


Lodestone. The future of Stone.

We provide quality stone countertops that are easier to install, more cost efficient and lighter than others on the market.  Our countertops are modern, sleek, and beautiful to look at, as well as being practical, hard working surfaces.  We have applied over 20 years of experience in the hardware, engineering and building industries to create an innovative product, one that actually changes the game. Our revolutionary designs are so unique, we have lodged international patents to protect them.