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Investment Criteria

Avantcé focuses on software and technology companies with $1 million to $300 million in sales.  Appropriate acquisition and investment targets may include private businesses, divisions of larger companies, and publicly-traded companies.  Avantcé assists in driving growth and scaling through cost center carve outs and acquisitions. Avantcé affiliates have also acquired and invested in businesses through bank workout groups, Chapter 11 proceedings, and from other private investment firms. 

Most Avantcé professionals have software business operating experience.  Avantcé’s operating professionals have extensive experience in software and technology, foreign sourcing, sales, marketing, brand management, accounting, tax, management information systems, corporate and securities law, and general business management.  Consequently, Avantcé is uniquely positioned to invest in high performing companies, pursue leveraged buyouts, and make investments in underperformers, turnarounds, or special situations.

  • $1 million to $300 million in revenues in software and technology industries
  • Strong customer base or franchise value

Investment Focus

  • Control, minority equity investments and leveraged buyouts
  • Investment in bank debt, trade claims, seller notes, and high yield securities

We are interested in all transactions in software:

  • High performing companies that see organic growth as 'not the only way' and are looking to explore other alternatives
  • Turnarounds: unprofitable or breakeven
  • Underperformers: profitable, but with room for improvement in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quartiles
  • Special Situations: where expediency, certainty, and lack of survival of reps and warranties is important to sellers and/or where they keep a majority or minority equity position