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Aivars Lode - Founder and Managing Partner

  •          Aivars founded Avantcé in September 2001 in order to invest in software companies. The investment strategy is to purchase interests in mature companies, embed operational expertise and apply additional capital for controlled growth opportunities and consolidation acquisitions.
            Avantcé partners with companies in mature markets, with mature products and services, sustainable revenue and established customer relationships.  This partnership focus avoids the risks associated with new market, product and technology development. Partnerships include Robocom Systems International, Radcliffe, Revere Inc., Select Business Solutions, ADT, Aviva Solutions, ROI.
           Avantcé has been retained by private equity firms CVC Capital Partners, Golden Gate Capital, Bain Capital and Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe to advise on their acquisition strategies in Software.  Avantcé successfully participated in creating the strategies for companies like IBM’s EDI business, Inovis, Infor and Mincom. Avantcé also created a consortium to acquire the major airline cargo space for optimization, this resulted in private equity firms Welsh Carson and General Atlantic investing in 3rd party logistics providers.  
            More recently Aivars founded I.T. Capital, a merchant bank, whose sole purpose is to facilitate investments in software companies by high net worth individuals, pension funds and Sovereign funds, utilizing proprietary investment instruments namely EPN’s and RPN’s .  

•          Prior to founding Avantcé, Aivars was Group President of Descartes Systems Group based in Canada.  Descartes is a publicly traded company providing customers with Internet based solutions to manage their complete supply chain.  As Group President, Aivars led the company's global expansion efforts, achieving profitable growth as well as completing the successful acquisition and consolidation of two EDI businesses, TDNI and TranSettlements.  He was named Group President in April 2000 after leading Descartes' successful expansion into the Asia Pacific region as President Asia Pacific.

•          Prior to joining Descartes, Aivars was with Oracle heading Applications Software for Australasia.  He led the organization’s change from a direct aggressive customer relationship model to that of a consultative business partner.

•          Aivars first entered the technology industry in 1991, when he joined Dun & Bradstreet Software, an enterprise software solutions provider.  During his tenure with DBS he ascended through various management roles and transitioned several divisions from a strategic focus on high growth to that of customer intimacy and operational efficiency.  Prior to DBS Aivars held various management positions, including COO, CFO and CIO roles in both public and private corporations.

•          Throughout his career Aivars has lived in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and has conducted business in most of the industrialized countries in the world. Currently Aivars resides in the USA with his wife and two daughters.

•          Aivars holds a Bachelors of Business, Accounting from Swinburne University in Melbourne Australia.

•          Aivars is a past member of the Board of Directors at First Bank and Trust of Illinois